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  • Guy Fullhart
    Guy Fullhart CEO / Marketing / Consulting

    Some call him Dale’s side-kick. Others assert that he is actually the straight man in the routine who often fills in as the casting, stunt double or hand model [holding fish in magazines]. Truth be known, his passion for fly fishing rivals even Dale’s, and their paths were bound to cross. As a blessing those paths crossed almost thirty years ago and many happy anglers were to follow.

  • Dale DePriest
    Dale DePriest Founder / Host / Consultant

    Founder and CEO, Dale is by far the most passionate angler on the planet. Like a great set of late-night lip-sync, armed with his iPhone he will take you around the globe on his adventures. Seemingly without ever taking a breath! If it can be taken on the fly and done so from a great operation, it is on his bucket list. Join him for the adventure. Contagious is one way to describe his passion for the sport.

  • Sarah Fullhart
    Sarah Fullhart Co-Founder / Sales & Operations

    Easily considered the ‘glue’ of the operation. Sarah will make sure that you feel at home on any of our trips – its her gift. That and taking your hard earned money. Don’t even think about talking to her about fishing if you are not wanting to put a dent in your credit card, because she knows you want to go fishing and she will help you get off the fence and commit to a trip of lifetime. Year after year.

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