With heavy hearts, we are very sad to report that our dear friend and super manager, Tom White passed away last Saturday, June 23. He was with his sister and daughter at the time his passing, after a hard battle with brain cancer.

As all of our customers who met Tom know, he was one of the finest fly casting instructors on the planet and by far, one of the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Tom will be remembered as leader in the fly fishing world and was considered as the most gifted instructor in the business. As a long-time friend, I can not say enough about this great man who helped me in so many different ways. From coaching me in distance casting to helping me dig out my hurricane ravaged house, Tom never hesitated in lending a helpful hand. My very last conversation with him really summed up his unselfish generosity as he finished up by saying, “hey, if their is anything I can do for you old buddy, just let me know…”. This from someone whom needed more help than modern medicine could muster.

I am sure he is now on the finest steelhead drift in heaven. Tom, we will all miss you!Tom White

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