For immediate release. In March of 2004, RytFul Adventures LLC (Guy & Sarah Fullhart / Kevin & Lyn Ryter) entered into a marketing agreement handle all of the Fishing Pursuits marketing efforts and combine them with their new operation, the Lodge at Whale Pass.

Regrettably, on May 17, 2007, Fishing Pursuits formally canceled the marketing agreement with RytFul Adventures LLC due to vast differences in business philosophies and a breach in the contract by RytFul Adventures LLC.

Despite still being members of RytFul Adventures LLC, Guy & Sarah Fullhart will no longer handle any of the day to day marketing or operations for RytFul Adventures LLC and the Lodge at Whale Pass. Should parntership conditions change at some point in the future, they may resume a more active role with the Lodge at Whale Pass.

Fishing Pursuits is very pleased to announce that the Fullharts will both continue their sales and marketing roles here at Fishing Pursuits, careers that have spanned almost two decades with us.

Any inquires, requests or claims related to the Lodge at Whale Pass should be directed to Kevin Ryter at 877-787-9676 or 404-405-8485.

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