2_POTW_Pano I had the opportunity to spend a week in Ascension Bay with friends, old and new, clients that have found their way into my heart. Everyone wants to know how I got into the business and more importantly why I stay? By now they know of the trials and tribulations that come with this industry just like in any other. People are people. But what keeps me going, what keeps me excited and what keeps me involved are the individuals who visit our lodges. I can’t imagine in any other profession getting to meet and know the quality of people that I have, under these circumstances, sharing dinner, a fish story, life history and of course, a margarita!

This week I had the opportunity to meet a legend in my mind, Ev Trout. Ev and his late wife, Sandy, a real legend in women’s angling, have been coming to Ascension Bay Bonefish Club since the first owner, Jan Isley started it some 25 years ago. We have communicated for 11 years by phone and email but unfortunately I never had the pleasure of meeting them in person. Sandy is someone I know I would have had an instant admiration for and Ev is , well just a wonderful person, full of stories and enthusiasm for life , the rare gem you come along every now and again. Thank you Ev for sharing so much of your history with me, and most of all, for your support, over all these years. The pleasure was ALL mine.

With Ev was his good friend and great fishing companion, Jeff Cohen – who was kind enough to walk us literally over broken glass! Also joining the group was a real legend in his own mind and so many others – Mike Milhorn – permit #80 landed on this trip. Not only is Mike an accomplished angler but a gifted musician, town entertainer and someone everyone just wants to be around. The only thing missing was his fishing partner, Lisa Anne! Filling in for Lisa Anne was Fred Williams , Dr. Fred, who (tries) to keep Mike in check and has studied more about Permit fishing than most of my most addicted friends (and those are many).

ABBC 10 046

John Morris also joined the group this week and tipping the age scales, put us ALL to shame. A true gentleman and an incredible angler – we all can only hope to be just like him. I have now had the pleasure of spending two weeks with John and can’t wait till the next time we meet again. John’s fishing partner this week was Tom Burns from Atlanta who was the only rookie on the block and took it in great stride – having a fantastic week of bonefishing and opting to save permit for the “next time”.

Now, staying with us but at our neighbors beach house was the illustrious Memphis Mafia. Need I say more? Mike Smith managed to land 3 nice permit and Eric Callen also landed 2 nice permit. Everyone had shots these two just found more cooperative fish?! It was great seeing everyone again and thanks for allowing the girls to hang out for a few dinners.

I would be remiss in not including my special guest and co-hostess , Susan Lindholm. I think everyone would agree that Susan adds something to the experience that no one could replicate. A dear friend, a TRUE sport and one fine lady who helps me to be a little more feminine all the while I am slowly converting to the “wild side”. Thank you Susan!


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