Large Chilean Brown Trout

Fishing Pursuits signs is excited to be involved with an operation in Chile again. As many of our guests know, we ran the fishing operations for Southern Chile Expeditions back in 1999 – 2001. We were very successful in providing quality trips with the help some of our Alaskan guides. Back them there were really only a handful of bi-lingual Chilean guides including Rene, who has been the head guide at Yan Kee Way Lodge for over a decade. He is now the manager/head guide for us at Paloma River Lodge.

An amazing side note is that many of our Alaskan guides stayed on to work for Southern Chile Expeditions long after our joint venture ended, and most of them ended up marrying Chileans and starting families.

This last March after much prodding from various companies, we finally decided to get back into Chile. Read the blogs for the three part trip reports that highlight this recent trip and what it means to your fishing options in the coming months and years.

For this season and beyond, we have signed a long term marketing contract with our old friend and logistics guru Paul Kinney of Paloma River Lodge. Paul was the man behind all our efforts years ago with Southern Chile Expeditions and now is the owner of Paloma River Lodge. Part II of our travel blog will give you a briefing of our trip to this lodge and a little more background on this operation. Please view the website for general details.

We will be handling all of the bookings and marketing going forward. For the upcoming 2009 season we have some prime space in February and March. The lodge now takes six anglers a week and like ABBC, we are happy to work with hosted groups and travel agents. If you generally work with a booking agency, chances are that they know of us and in many cases have been working with us in Alaska and Mexico.

For those interested in a fun hosted week with Fishing Pursuits, join Dale DePriest this February or March 2009 at Paloma River Lodge. Dates TBA There are also options to extend your trip and fish a second week or just extend by a few days.

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