The single most important factor in improving your casting is practice. You simply cannot buy skill, it comes only with time and effort on your part, but, surprisingly not a lot of either is required to become proficient with a fly rod. Its important to practice correctly. If you practice wrong, as Gary Borger once said, it will just make you perfectly wrong. If you don’t know how to make a good cast, get some solid instruction, from someone who is a good instructor. The Federation of Fly Fishers Certified or Master Casting Instructors in your area can provide the help you need. After you know how to practice correctly rig up a rod, line, leader and yarn fly and use it on the grass to practice accuracy and if you have room, distance as well. Keeping the outfit rigged up and hanging in the garage or house will make it easy to grab it and practice a few minutes each day. If you practice five to 10 minutes a day, three or so times a week you will be amazed at the improvement you’ll see.


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