A male Chum Salmon gives up one more battle before the spawn. © KONKAL.COM 2010

Memories are a funny thing. Before the big trip we often tend to fantasize about what fish we might catch, how big they or how great the battle was. What is amazing to us is how sometimes it is the strange or bizarre catches that are burned into our memory banks. Above is just one of those examples of how a weird accidental catch can turn out to one of the stronger memories of the trip.

In this case it was the burly Chum Salmon that really needed to be focusing on ‘the big party’ and finding that special someone to settle down and dig a redd together with. But no, instead he attacks the wayward cast intended for the Rainbow Trout sitting back to the side. The ensuing battle was worthy of any fish fresh or otherwise, trout or salmon. Memorable yes.

Maybe there is more to fishing Alaska than trophy Rainbow Trout? Nah.

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