Dealing with Wind into the Casting Side


A cool breeze can be a welcome relief from the heat, but, annoying winds can limit a fly casters accuracy and distance and can cause injury. Winds into your casting side are most annoying and dangerous since the fly can be blown into you on the back cast or forward cast. Below are a few effective casting techniques to deal with that annoying wind into your casting side:

a. Cast sidearm, horizontally in both directions can keep the line and flies out to the side, low to the water, a rod’s length away.
b. Make a low sidearm backcast then swing the rod tip around to come forward over the downwind shoulder …a Belgian Cast.
c. Turn away from your target to make a cast opposite the target, then, while the line unrolls, quickly turn to face your target for the forward stroke ..the Galway Cast.
d. Cast over the downwind shoulder in both directions.
e. Turn away from your target to make a cast opposite your target, then present the fly on the backcast.
f. Learn to cast with the opposite hand.

Keep these techniques in mind, maybe one or more will be useful when that nice breeze turns nasty.

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